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Football field/pitch

Idealan za fudbalicu "6 na 6"

The field dimensions are 38 x 18 m from a barrier to a barrier. In addition to the artificial turf with granulate, the facility has a scoreboard displaying scores and time during a match.

The area is air-conditioned. Due to induction heating in winter period, our indoor football facility Coin provides perfect conditions to do sports.
One can record their time at the field.

COIN provides balls, team apparel and all the necessary equipment.

The payment of the reserved time slots can be done in a variety of ways: in cash, by credit cards or bank transfer for legal entities.

There are several kids and adults tournaments organized in the facility.

There is also a Football School organized from September to June run by licensed coaches.

As a part of the Football School, there are winter and summer preparation trainings at Zlatibor which include tournaments as well. Medical examinations are provided for all the football school attendants. For more information, please contact us at: email: baloncoin.nbg@gmail.com
011 / 612 88 65
063/ 333 568

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